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I’m James.

Welcome to Inspiring Automation!

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and educators. My father owned a landscape design company, my grandmother ran her own marketing firm, and both my aunt and my sister are teachers. Business and creativity flow in my veins, and the desire to share that knowledge runs deep.

I got my start creating online content when I was in high school, and the Internet was beginning to explode. With that growing love of technology and its ability to reach and affect lives, I studied computer science at WPI and did my graduate degree in software engineering at Brandeis University.

I’ve been at the forefront of technology solutions to empower change, and see now the momentum that automation. machine learning, and artificial intelligence are bringing.

I love to travel and have been to almost 20 countries, seeing firsthand how technology is used by different people and cultures. My goal is to empower the world to transcend the mindless tasks we deal with every day, so we can focus on more meaningful work – the work that requires a combination of thought and emotion and caring. The things that make us human.

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